Partnering with Deeply Discounted Junior Mining Companies

Our Approach

  • To provide attractive returns to investors by investing in
    best-in-class, deeply discounted, resource-based businesses, globally

Timely Market Dynamics

  • Junior mining companies are down 70+% since December of 2010*
  • Market dynamics have created broken valuations
  • Ignored by institutional investors who have focused on larger capitalizations

Investment Strategy

  • Invest in distressed junior mining companies (market cap under $200M)
  • Targeting both public and private global mining companies
  • Exit through sale of shares in the market, an IPO, or strategic sale

Top Tier Mining Team

  • A team of mining insiders with 200+ years of on-the-ground experience
  • Visited over 750 projects in 50+ countries, reviewed thousands of projects
  • Hands-on involvement with financing, management oversight, and operations

Keys to Success

  • Direct deal origination through our cultivated on-the-ground local networks
  • Act as “White Knight” partner offering real equity
  • Technical skills across geology, engineering, metallurgy, ESG, government relations
  • A total de-risking approach (country, geological, permitting, business)

*Decline in GDXJ Index of 70.24% for the period Dec 6, 2010 through Jan 9, 2020. (Note: the GDXJ Index is down 70% over the past decade despite being regularly reweighted and reconstituted to include larger cap gold mining companies. Most junior gold mining companies not included in the GDXJ over the same period are down significantly more than the index.)