A Focus on Social Responsibility (ESG)

We apply global thinking to a localized approach and believe that a large part of a mine’s success lies in the application of international best practices and the successful interaction between management, local communities, and governments. For us, mining is more than just a mine; it’s about the transformation of a community and enhancing social responsibility.

Five Drivers of Success

Recognized as Mining Insiders

  • A collective 200+ years as investors, operators, geologists, engineers
  • Evaluation of over 750 projects in 50+ countries

The Dundee Brand Provides Access

  • Recognized, respected global brand
  • Robust network of operating and strategic partners across the mining value chain
  • Preferred, trusted strategic partner

Timely Opportunity

  • Junior mining companies are down 70+% December 2010 through Jan 2020 according to the GDXJ index.
  • Cash poor, ignored by institutional investors

De-Risking / Technical Acumen

  • We complete our own due diligence, never relying on the work of others
  • Highly experienced in the de-risking /evaluation of mining assets using best ESG practices

Alignment / Ownership

  • We invest our own money alongside capital partners
  • We work with management and remain involved through completion of the exit