Rick Cohen

Rick Cohen, P.Eng., MBA, Managing Director

Rick has worked in the investment industry since 1983. The first 15 years as a mining analyst and subsequently as an investment banker. His strength has been to identify and analyze significant mining projects at early stages. Over the past 36 years, he has travelled to more than 50 countries to review hundreds of deposits, early stage, development and producing mines. He has also been involved in the inception of dozens of M&A transactions. His focus has been on precious metal, copper and diamond deposits.

Rick began his official mining career in 1979 as a mill metallurgist at the Island Copper Mine, located in BC. After returning to university to complete a business degree, in 1983 he worked as a mining analyst with Prudential Bache Securities. In 1986, he continued as a mining analyst with BBN James Capel Inc., then in 1991 continued as an analyst with Goepel Shields and Partners. He transitioned into investment banking with Goepel in 1998.

Late in 1998, Rick joined Dundee Securities Corporation as a Managing Director of Investment Banking. In 2010, he joined Primary Capital, an exempt market dealer, where the focus was on financing and M&A advisory work. And in 2018, Rick rejoined Dundee where the focus has moved into merchant banking.

Rick’s past board positions included two companies of note, Peregrine Metals, which was acquired by Stillwater and Peregrine Diamonds, which was acquired by DeBeers.