Adrian Goldstone

Adrian Goldstone, M. Sc Environment & Hydrogeology, Managing Director – Technical

Adrian Goldstone brings expertise in all aspects of environmental management and project management. He has a strong reputation for creative business solutions. His skills are key to the investment process.

As Executive Vice President at Dundee Precious Metals from 2006 to 2014, his accountabilities included Sustainable Business Development, Environmental Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Project Management. Projects he oversaw included a project in Krumovgrad, Bulgaria, and the smelter emissions upgrade as well as the smelter acid plant in Tsumeb, Namibia.

Prior to this, Adrian was Partner and Managing Director Kingett Mitchell Ltd. for a decade. Kingett Mitchell was a diversified resource and environmental engineering consultancy based in New Zealand. Adrian built a successful international minerals industry consultancy and grew the business to 5 times its size during his tenure. Golder Associates acquired Kingett Mitchell in 2006. Additionally, Adrian spent 10 years in various roles with Cyprus Minerals and Cyprus Amax in their corporate and international groups.